Choice is about respect for every woman to determine what’s best for her health, her well-being, and her family, according to her beliefs. My quilt lets me dive delicately into this personal and private issue. Among a wide variety of denizens of the deep here, some have sacs of eggs, or roe, while others don’t.  For all years since 1972 that Roe v. Wade has been on the books, it’s been under siege, attacked and eroded in the lower federal courts and the state courts, where the vast majority of cases are decided.

The anti-choice crowd has never been closer to imposing their belief systems on all women than they are today, under the Trump/Pence administration. Even though a clear majority of Americans want to protect the legality and access to all forms of reproductive health care. Consider this a statement of hope that reproductive justice won’t be “the one that got away.”