Quilted work with bullet holes and gun casings to enhance image of three “chalkline” figures on pavement with caution tape surrounding them. Several black fabrics create the “road” and white thread used for the thread-painted bodies. Red blood spilling over the piece is conveyed by red fabric.

While in Chicago many years ago, I walked past a space in the street with the chalk lines for dead bodies. Just those lines – nothing else, and of course the caution tape…it is an eerie feeling to walk past knowing not long ago a person lay there – alive and then dead.  I included a child in my embroidered outlines because so many children are victims of gun violence these days.

In my opinion there needs to be serious conversation about the issues surrounding gun violence, gun ownership, and how to allow the general public their constitutional rights without the rest of the population feeling threatened, especially as we continue to have so many school shootings.