This little work is a tribute to healthcare workers who risk their lives as the coronavirus rages. They go to heroic lengths and cope with enormous stress to help patients and to protect themselves, their colleagues, and their families if they are able to go home to them.

There are 36 tiny red coronaviruses in the vertical band on the left. Every one of them represents 1000 lives — 36,000 lives that could have been saved had President Trump acted just one week earlier than he did. If only he had taken the looming crisis seriously three months earlier, and used the bully pulpit to pass along accurate information, rather than nonsense. If only the president hadn’t muted medical experts and demonized the media when they were warning the public. We could have had trustworthy information for diagnosing, avoiding, flattening the curve, treating, respecting the science, acquiring personal protective equipment, improving processes, joining other international experts in researching for a vaccine. We would certainly not be the “World Leader” for this plague, with current numbers in mid June at two and a quarter million cases and 120,000 deaths (surely many more unreported) — two and three times the numbers of any other country.

For shame.