Our courts matter, and our federal judges–who serve lifetime positions — ought to be fair, independent, and mainstream enough so as to win bipartisan approval.  The president nominates judges, but the Senate is obligated to do its Constitutional duty of “advise and consent”…or dissent. When a judge is nominated for any federal court vacancy (except the Supreme Court), the Judiciary Committee sends a form on a “blue slip” of paper to home-state senators seeking their approval. If they sign off, the Committee moves forward with background checks and hearings. If one or both of the senators withholds the blue slip, the nomination is halted. While not a rule of law, the blue slip is a 100-year-old courtesy respectfully extended to the senators in the districts where the prospective judge will preside.

However, Judiciary Committee Chairman Grassley has just exploded the blue slip tradition in order to move ahead with yet another egregious Trump nominee, despite the disapproval of the home-state senators. So Trump, with only GOP support, is stacking the courts with far-right individuals who will roll back our rights for generations to come.

Lady Justice is blindfolded so that justice can be meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of race, religion, identity, economic status, or power. She carries her scales of justice to weigh the facts, and a sword,  a symbol of authority. Without the blue slip process, Justice is just not going to be at her best. So it’s fitting that a mourning dove sits atop this monument.


Vintage articles–a slip, tie, doilies, and linens — pay respect to historic traditions and family legacy.