Reuse, recycle, reinvent, repurpose, re: use, re: us, Re: U.S., reduce REFuse, reFUSE, resist. A trash-stash quilt, part of a long series of work composed of packaging from consumer products–mostly coffee bags, horse feed bags, foil-lined envelopes that enclose fancy single-serve tea bags, and more—stuff that would ordinarily go into landfills. My piece has become a silent expression protesting federal activity to undermine the environment and the Environmental Protection Agency. The latest threat: Rather than fill vacancies on the Federal Courts using Senators in their Constitutional “advise and consent” roles, 45 is nominating individuals hand-picked –as his cabinet was–by the far-right Federalist Society  and Heritage Foundation, funded by the Koch brothers, and anxious to roll back regulations and let corporations destroy the environment in the interest of profits for fat cats. Scott Pruitt, 45’s Cabinet Secretary can only work to destroy the EPA for the next 3-1/2 years. The president’s current nominees to the Bench, Damien Schiff and John K. Bush, are on record for dissing climate change, and would hold LIFETIME positions. Let’s hope the Senate Judiciary and, if necessary, the full Senate will “trash” their nominations. So don’t stop at recycling, friends. Call your Senators and advocate for environmental protections.