United We Quilt is intended as a forum where like-minded progressives can openly share work and opinions in order to raise political awareness. We will respect the request of any artist who wants their work recorded as By Anonymous,” and when the name of the quilter/artist is provided, we will encourage viewers — individuals and organizations — to use the work as credited to the quilter/artist, to advance our democratic values and the Resistance. However, United We Quilt cannot promise protections for your intellectual property.

Artist Information

United We Quilt needs your name and e-mail to enable us to contact you with any questions or problems with your submission. This information will not be publicly displayed unless you request it in the section below.

Your Submission
This information will be displayed along with your quilt. Feel free to include as much or as little personal information as you're comfortable sharing.

Please submit jpegs as crisply focused and well lit as you can give us, to do your work and this site justice. Suggested: minimum of 800 pixels, cropped tightly to the piece. We do not mandate, but we welcome an optional secondary shot, showing a detail, the back of work, another perspective of work such as a garment worn, quilt carried in a march, etc.